Masaryk Values, Vision and Mission

The mission of the Masaryk University is to create and disseminate knowledge, thus enhancing quality of life and promoting cultural development in society. The principles of this mission are stated in the principles and values of the university.


Ever since its foundation, after the foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic, the Masaryk University has always honoured and respected values that reflect republican and democratic principles. To this day, such values are the foundation of the internal organizational culture, and they are firmly established in the academic community.

These values are:

  • Freedom, which is respected and defended as the highest principle of the University. This principle is reflected in the academic freedom that permeates teaching and research, in the freedom that students have to shape their own study program and in the autonomy that the state gives the university. The university understands freedom also as a social commandment.
  • Respect for the rules that guarantee the equality of opportunity and transparency in the processes of the institution.
  • Responsibility: This principle reflects the social role of the university, which is responsible for the creation of spaces for public opinion, and which takes active part in the social debates. The university is also conscious of the responsibility it bears as an institution that communicates and disseminates knowledge and technology. Furthermore, it is aware of the fact that it is responsible for welcoming people who belong to minorities, often discriminated in the community. Concerning the internal processes of the university, the responsibility that is given to the students to shape their own study program constitutes the basis for an open and autonomous learning environment.

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In 2016, the Masaryk University will be…

  • …a researching university with an internationally respected research program; an institution with an outstanding profile and equally excellent, state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees visibility of the research results at European level.
  • …a university which offers teaching of the highest quality, based on research, following the current trends in higher education, thus becoming more attractive for students; a university which works hard to live up to its reputation as one of the most pre-eminent universities in Europe, and which passes on educational values to its students.
  • …a university with attractive employment opportunities at national, European and international level. The aim of its staff policy is to develop the competences of the current employees and to recruit highly qualified and specialized lectuurers, particularly from abroad.
  • …a university that takes part in international programs at European level, as well as worldwide.