Why you should choose us?

If you are looking for high quality medical studies with affordable tuition fees, then you will find the right university in Europe, with MSE, for you. Here are some of the reasons why you will be glad to apply with MSE:

  • MSE Stands for Experience and Excellence
  • Renowned Universities Throughout Europe
  • Affordable Costs
  • No Pre-Med and No MCAT Needed
  • We Give You Advice Anytime




Studying medicine abroad is not a compromise, but a great chance. It opens the door to an international medical career for you. The study programs of our partner universities are taught in English and are fully recognized in the USA, the EU, as well as in the European Economic Area and some other countries. Grab this opportunity and start your medical studies at one of the most renowned European universities! You do not need to complete the MCAT or pre-med studies for studying in Europe, but for a better preparation for studies, we offer an English “Intensive Course Pre-Med” in cooperation with a renowned College in Alicante, Spain.

For many, studying medicine abroad seems to be a compromise. However, we have a very different opinion, since we think this is a fantastic opportunity and a unique chance. You will study in English and learn how to work in the local language. You will acquire the necessary skills to exercise the profession worldwide once you complete the studies. In addition to this, there are many advantages of studying abroad: you will learn to be independent and self-sufficient, to feel comfortable in a foreign country and you will also acquire the basis of a new language. Moreover, you will discover a completely different perspective regarding a new culture, which you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Apart from the personal advantages, studying abroad will be an extra asset for your professional chances in the labour market. It will be a great experience if you study medicine abroad and live in a new country, both for the personal and professional side.

Another beneficial reason to study medicine abroad is the popularity and the quality of the universities that we represent. They are definitely very good, renowned and high-class universities, which are globally recognized and very demanded by applicants from all over the world.

Our universities are located in several European countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia. They are leading universities and each of them offers well-structured, comprehensive and recognized studies. The English programs that our universities offer, are, due to the quality of their training, very special. You can study in small groups at all our universities. Very well-equipped facilities and a regular communication between professors and students are other outstanding services. The personal development of the students is essential for each university, so they ensure to make the settling in of the students as easy as possible. Apart from the medical studies abroad, the universities also offer other services available to our students: great facilities such as libraries or canteens, countless sports activities or city trips during the orientation week. We offer continuous support to answer all the questions of our candidates that study medicine abroad.

Our objective as representatives of the universities is that, thanks to our dedicated work, all our applicants obtain a study place, so that they can make their dream come true. That is our job. And this is not only related to studying medicine abroad. We provide personal contact with our study advisers, uncomplicated communication, mediation and counselling in order to achieve the success of our students. Decide to study medicine abroad, because it is a unique chance in your life that you should not miss.


Medical Schools Europe, short MSE, is a private organization, which advises internationally-oriented, future students about the different possibilities of studying in Europe. MSE focuses on the medical study courses medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, as well as psychology, pharmacy and physiotherapy.

MSE has qualified and experienced study advisers, who will counsel you regarding your medical studies in Europe. At the universities MSE cooperates with, you have the chance to study without pre-med or MCAT and with affordable tuition fees.

MSE advises and develops a career plan for you, accompanies you on your way to your studies and helps you with all matters concerning the application procedure of the universities for your medical studies in Europe. We will give you access to your career as a doctor.