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Interested in a high-quality education with affordable tuition fees? Then studying medicine at one of our partner universities is for you! For more information, contact us below or read more about MSE:

  • MSE Stands for Experience and Excellence
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  • No Pre-Med and No MCAT Needed
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  • Studying Medicine - USA VS. Europe

    Studying Medicine - USA VS. Europe

    You are interested in studying medicine but you just recently heard about the possibility to study medicine in Europe? You want to get know more...

  • Orientation at the MU Pleven 2016

    Orientation at the MU Pleven 2016

    Welcome Party for the New Students at the Orientation at the MU Pleven On Wednesday, our study advisers have welcomed our new students for the...

  • Foundation Program at Masaryk University

    Foundation Program at Masaryk University

    The Masaryk University offers, for all future general medicine and dentistry students, a foundation program in advance to studying. The course is preparing the students...

  • Last Places for the Preparation Course „Pre-Med“

    Last Places for the Preparation Course „Pre-Med“

    Our partner – the Iberian College International (ICI) – has just announced that there are last places for the preparation course „Pre-Med“. The course is...



For many, studying medicine is nothing but a dream. However, MSE provides the opportunity for you to turn this dream into reality. Apart from becoming a medical doctor, you will learn to become comfortable in a foreign country and even learn the basics of the local language. Studying abroad provides a unique perspective to learn from and integrate into a foreign culture. The experiences you make, will create lessons you can apply in your everyday life. Regarding your medical career, studying medicine at some of the most distinguished medical universities in Europe, makes you a competitive asset in the labor market. This opportunity produces personal and professional advantages and opens the door to an international career.

English medical programs fully recognized within the US
The medical programs at our partner universities are taught in English and are fully recognized within the US, the EU and other countries. We encourage you to take this chance and start your medical studies at one of our renowned European partner universities!

No MCAT or college prerequisites needed
There is no need to complete the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT),  to accomplish a pre-medical program or other college prerequisites. However, as part of its application process each university provides its individual admission exam. Nevertheless, we offer the “Intensive Course Pre-Med” which is taught in English in collaboration with the distinguished Iberian College International (ICI) in Alicante, Spain. This 3-week intensive-course is designed to prepare your knowledge for your future medical studies. Specifically, in the matter of the natural sciences: Human Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry and Physics as well as Medical Terminology.

A wide range of locations and universities
Our partner universities are located throughout Europe: Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria and Slovakia. Each university offers a well-structured, modern and recognized study program, including small-group training, state-of-the-art training facilities and a close communication between medical faculties and its students.

Our objective
Our objective as advisors is to provide each client with the necessary information and support to obtain a spot in one of the medical programs from our partner universities. As official representatives of the medical schools, our services are based on decades of experience and a deep knowledge of the international medical education field.


Medical Schools Europe, short MSE, is a private organization, which advises internationally-oriented, future students about the different possibilities of studying in Europe. MSE focuses on the medical study courses medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, as well as psychology, pharmacy and physiotherapy.

MSE has qualified and experienced study advisers, who will counsel you regarding your medical studies in Europe. At the universities MSE cooperates with, you have the chance to study without pre-med or MCAT and with affordable tuition fees.

MSE advises and develops a career plan for you, accompanies you on your way to your studies and helps you with all matters concerning the application procedure of the universities for your medical studies in Europe. We will give you access to your career as a doctor.