Study Medicine in Poland

Why Should You Study Medicine in Poland?

There are many great reasons, why you should study medicine in Poland, here are just some of them: Poland represents, with its location in Central Europe, an important juncture of geographical, economic and political influences from Western-, Eastern-, Northern- and Southern Europe. The history of the country begins in the 10th century but it did not flourish until the 16th century.

Poland is a member of the European union since 2004 and is characterized by an extremely many sided landscape: From mountains in the south of Poland , to Great Plains in the interior of the country, to impressive sand beaches at the Baltic Sea, every nature lover will find their suitable territory here. The Masuria-lakes invite for water sports activities, the Bieszczady-mountain is the ideal region for long mountain walks, and the Polish mountains are, due to the extensive snowfall, a real paradise for different snow sports.

Not just the nature convinces with many varied qualities, if you want to study medicine in Poland, but also the very modern universities Chronicparadise, with its English-language medical study courses, which are in no way inferior to studying in the USA. The study courses are conducted by experienced and professional lecturers in English and convince with highest quality standards. The academic degree is recognized in the the USA, the EU and many other countries. Therefore it will be a very good decision to study medicine in Poland.

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