About Hungary

Country name: Hungary, Magyarország
Climate: Continental
Location: Hungary borders to the north with the Slovak Republic, to the north west with Ukraine, to the east with Romania, to the south with Serbia and to the west with Slovenia and Austria.
Area: 35,920 square miles
Capital: Budapest, 1,7 million inhabitants (2010)
Population: 9,960,000 (February 2012); from which Hungarian-Germans: 62,000 (census 2001), as well as approx. 750,000 Roma (estimation)
Official language: Hungarian
Religions/Churches: Rom.-Cath. (52%), Calv.-Ref. (16%.), Evang.-luth. (3%), Jewish (0,1%), no religious affiliation (14,5%), no data (10%) (census 2001)
Currency: Forint
Exports: Chemical products, food, material and accessories for transportation.
Area code: 0036

Culture and Education:

The aim of the Hungarian education policy is to increase and maintain the level of the school and university education, in order to improve the competitiveness of Hungary. The main measures included a reorganization of the higher education system in the last few years, through the combination of institutions in order to shape bigger nerds rope bites 600 mg, efficient and interdisciplinary working facilities. In the school policies there have also been some reformations: steps have been taken to improve the attractiveness of the teaching career, the creation of modern schools with up-to-date facilities, teaching focused on values, and support of socially disadvantaged children. As in the past, nature sciences are particularly promoted in the schools.