UD School of Medicine

As a student of the UD school of medicine, you will study at the most renowned medical school throughout Hungary. The history of the UD school of medicine goes back to the year 1986, when the campus in Debrecen was founded as the first European Campus with an affiliated school of medicine. Nowadays, the UD school of medicine comprises 22 departments which are focused on natural science principles and more than 25 clinical departments, for example surgery, neurosurgery, radiology or cardiology. The UD school of medicine and its facilities serve as the hospital of the city of Debrecen, apart from being a training institution. That is why they can guarantee an optimal, practical approach to the studies.

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The studies of medicine last six years (12 semesters). For foreign students, the language of instruction is English. However, the Hungarian language has to be acquired in order to be able to communicate with patients and staff at the hospital, during the practical phase of the studies. Therefore, it is necessary to take the language courses offered from the first semester.

During the first two years (4 semesters) at the UD, you will be taught the theoretical principles of the modern medicine. From the 5th semester onwards, the practical part will continuously increase.

You will find an overview on the structure of the degree of medicine at the UD school of medicine here:

Instruction Units and Subjects

During the first two years of your medical studies, you will study, above all, the theoretical principles of medicine.

In your 3rd year, you will use the theoretical background for a successful diagnosis of diseases, as well as to learn the basics of internal medicine and surgery.

During the 4th and 5th academic years, you will concentrate on clinical subjects, and continue with instruction in the field of pharmacology.

The sixth and last year of your studies is focused mainly on the final exam and the subject content of the exam.

In the sixth year, there is a practical period of 2 or 3 months. Apart from that, the students have to complete a final written thesis. Towards the end of the sixth year, a final state exam is compulsory for the future doctors, in which they have to prove their knowledge of the most important theoretical and practical fields of modern medicine. If you pass this exam, you will be awarded the title “Doctor of Medicine” in a formal ceremony.