The City of Debrecen

Debrecen is located in Eastern Hungary and is the second largest city in Hungary with 218,000 inhabitants. For many tourists, Budapest, Sopron and Pécs are the most well-known Hungarian cities. However, Eastern Hungary is also full of interesting and beautiful places. One of these places is Debrecen, which is located in the middle of the Puszta and is one of the most important cities in the region. It has an interesting history, culinary traditions and wonderful tourist attractions.

Although Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary, it is not as popular as Budapest. That may be due to the geographical location in Eastern Hungary. The city is one of the cultural centers of the country; in fact, many artists have chosen Debrecen as their home town. Apart from the artistic features of the city, Debrecen is also known as the “Rome of the Calvinists”, since it played a very important role during the Reformation. In addition, the city has many shopping centers, which invite you to go for a shopping tour.

The reason for the popularity of Debrecen among Hungarians and international visitors is the great amount of tourist attractions it offers. In the city center, you will not only discover a nice old town, but also the Piat utca, which is a pedestrian zone where you can visit the Big Reformed Church, the most important monument in Debrecen. Moreover, you can also visit the Collegium, the Memorial Column and the Déri museum.

Debrecen is also an important university city. The University of Debrecen is considered an excellent higher education center at international level, regarding the medical and economical areas of study. Around 20,000 students attend the lectures and use its facilities each year; the number of international students is also constantly increasing. Some of the most prestigious doctors and economic experts of the country have acquired their PhD at this university. Apart from providing students with knowledge, the university itself is a tourist attraction and it is worthwhile to visit it.

If you stroll around the faculties, you will discover lots of green facilities, interesting buildings and different sculptures and artworks. During the summertime, you usually see students in these idyllic areas, where they can learn quietly.