UD School of Dentistry

Faculty of Dentistry DebrecenThe dentistry degree at the UD school of dentistry was originally offered in the year 1976 as a stomatology course for students of medicine at the University of Debrecen.

Later, the dentistry education stopped being considered a “complement” to a doctor’s education, and it became an independent degree. In 1988, the UD school of dentistry moved to its own, new, completely equipped building. It is, to this day, the main building of the UD school of dentistry. In 1996, the UD school of dentistry was awarded the honor “Centre of Excellence”. The Hungarian Accreditation Committee acknowledged the top standards in education, research and treatments. Since then, the new degrees dental prosthetics, periodontics, and anatomy have contributed to strengthen the high instruction standards. In the following years, the fields of dental biochemistry and analeptic dental treatments were added. Dental consultation hours, physiology, pharmacy, microbiology and pathology became a part of the training in dentistry.

The English-speaking program of dentistry at the UD school of dentistry has been introduced in 2003. Nowadays, more than 700 international students study at the UD school of dentistry. The dentistry program has been carefully structured in five years, in order to guarantee a high-quality education, which can live up to the requirements of an exemplary, responsible dental care.

During the first and second academic years at the UD school of dentistry, you will acquire essential medical-scientific understanding. At the beginning of the studies, lectures in dentistry and preventive dental treatments introduce the students to dental anatomy, molecular biology, cellular biology, genetics, physiology, biochemistry and neurobiology .

At the beginning of the second academic year, you will start new subjects: dental equipment and prosthetics. At this point the students can learn to take dental impressions and to make crowns. Furthermore, they learn the essentials of dental pre-treatments for crowns and bridges.

In the third year at the UD school of dentistry, the pre-clinical year, the students learn the principles of patient treatment. Moreover, they deepen their knowledge of pathology, immunology, microbiology, clinical biology and operative treatment techniques. Other subjects are dental care, oral radiology, cariology propedeutics, fixed and removable prosthodontics in seminars in demonstration laboratories.

In the fourth and fifth academic years, the students complete their clinical-practical studies with the treatment of patients in different departments. At the end of every semester, the students must take oral and written examinations for each subject. The students can begin with the next semester once they have passed their exams. As a help to test your own knowledge there is a midterm test.

In the fifth year, every student has to write a thesis about a chosen topic with the help of their academic supervisor. In the end, the student has to defend his or her dissertation and take five exams in the following subjects: prosthetics, analeptic dental treatments, paediatric dental treatments, dental care, periodontics. Once the student has passed the examinations, he or she has to take a written and oral final exam on the contents of the last five years of study.