RSU School of Medicine

The RSU school of medicine offers you a professional education and the chance to study medicine under the guidance of competent professors, both from Latvian and foreign universities. As a student of medicine, you will acquire knowledge and skills according to the current state of science, which are decisive for European and international competition.

If you would like to study medicine at the RSU school of medicine in Latvia, the Riga Stradins University is an excellent choice. The RSU school of medicine carries a long tradition, as the oldest school of the university. It offers the most comprehensive medical studies in Latvia. The development plan for medical studies contemplates the conversion of this school to a leading education center for medicine in the Baltic states. The world’s best practices in medical studies, quality standards for examinations, and modern teaching technologies will be introduced here step by step.

The RSU school of medicine enjoys a growing popularity among international students, thanks to its competitive education on a high level and the affordable university fees. It offers a complete professional training, so that graduates are able to continue their studies in the framework of a medical specialization or a Masters degree. From the third year, students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the pediatric field. The degree includes traineeship periods for clinical treatment of patients for the departments of inner medicine, surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics. The theoretical knowledge is thus completed with practical skills.

Most graduates of the RSU school of medicine continue their studies by specializing in a medical subject, in order to receive a qualification in their chosen field of specialty. The medical specializations are full-time occupations, where the students are learning in accordance with current knowledge and the newest treatment methods. Scientific employees and graduates of the RSU school of medicine are able to develop successful careers in Latvian and foreign clinics, research centers and international health care organizations.

The Institute for Anatomy and Anthropology, which comprises five labs and one department, is an important part of the RSU school of medicine, as well as the Center for Research and Organization of Family Medicine, and 19 other departments.