Riga Stradins Universität

The City of Riga

Riga is the capital of Latvia and has around 700,000 inhabitants, being the largest Baltic city and the biggest conurbation in the three Baltic countries. The history of the city started in 1150 with its foundation. Since Riga is a so old and historically important city, the architecture works, the old streets and churches and its unique charm have reflected this fact throughout the time. In 1997, Riga was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Nowadays the city is blooming. The food, wood, textile, pharmaceutical and chemical industries are playing a very important role in the city’s economy. Riga also has an interesting culture and history which are really worthwhile to discover. In 2010 it was chosen European Capital of Culture of 2014. Thanks to this recognition the city carried out important infrastructural projects and Riga has become even more important in the international scenario. Theaters, museums and music and sports events turn Riga into a dynamic and active city, especially for students.

This is only one reason why young people from all over the world decide to start their studies at the University of Latvia.