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About Latvia

Country name: Republic of Latvia, Latvijas Republika
Climate: Warm summer. Spring and autumn are short and relatively mild.
Location: On the East coast of the Baltic Sea, borders with Estonia to the North, with Lithuania to the South, to the East with the Russian Federation and to the Southwest with Belarus.
Area: 24,926 square miles
Capital: Riga (713,016 inhabitants, decreasing tendency)
Population: 2,067,800 inhabitants (62 percent Latvian, 27 percent Russian, 11 percent others)
Official language: Latvian (only official language), Russian is widely spoken
Religions/Churches: Evangelic-Lutheran Church, Roman Catholic Church, Russian-Orthodox Church, Jewish, German Evangelic-Lutheran Church with 5 parishes


Cultural and Educational Policy

Traditionally, education and culture play an essential role in Latvia. The traditions in Latvia are a source of pride and national identity. The independence movement in the 1980s has gone down in history as the Singing Revolution.