Quality Education at an Affordable Price

A major reason, maybe one of the most important reasons, why you should consider studying medicine in Europe is that higher education in Europe is much cheaper than in the USA or Canada. And this is not due to the medical school in Europe being inferior to the ones in the USA or Canada – no! It is quite the contrary. Our private and public partner universities belong to the best universities and medical schools throughout Europe and have a very high prestige.

All in all, the medical education in the USA takes 11 to 15 years (including residency). In Europe the equivalent education will just take you 8 to 10 years in total. Even if you just want to study in Europe – and then want to go back to your home country – the length of medical studies is still shorter compared to the USA, amounting to 6 years in Europe and 8 years in the USA. This is due to the fact that you have to complete an undergraduate degree (pre-med) in the USA and you have to take the MCAT. In Europe you do not need to take either of them. This is one why medical education in Europe is a lot cheaper, compared to North America.

At our partner universities throughout Europe, you will get a medical education on the same quality level of North America, while paying less. The tuition, for our partner universities, ranges between 32,000$ and 130,000$ (for the complete education), in the USA you will pay 400,000$ to 800,000$ for the equivalent education. This means, that you can get the education approximately 6 to 12.5 times cheaper than in the USA.

This is just one of the major reasons, why you should study medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine in Europe! Here you will find more reasons, in case you need more.

Medical Schools in Europe Medical Schools in the USA
 Admission Requirements
  1. High school diploma
  2. Admission exam OR simple admission process
  1. High school diploma
  2. Undergraduate degree in sciences => Pre-Med (4 years)
  3. The MCATs & applications to medical school (1-2 years)
Length of Medical Studies 6 years 8 years (incl. premed)
Total length of studies  6 years + 2-4 years residency 8 years + 3-7 years residency
 Total Cost of Medical School (not including undergrad)  32,000$-130,000$ 150,000$-250,000$
 Total Cost of Medical School (including undergrad)  32,000$-130,000$ 400,000$-800,000$