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    New University in Białystok – Study Medicine in Poland

    medizinstudium-polenRight at the start of the term of application, we have a new partner university for everyone, who wants to study medicine in Poland in the next academic year! The Medical University of Białystok. By this, the university consorts with our other Polish university, the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. In Białystok you can study medicine.

    The study course of medicine at the university in Białystok lasts 6 years and is taking place in English. During your studies, you will pass through many disciplines of medicine. Especially the practical training takes on an important role. In the first academic year, you will do a 140-hour practical training in the university hospital, so that the continual practical learning is ensured.

    Not only the school of medicine, in the beautiful Branicki Palace, has much to offer, but also the city itself. Białystok is the home of many students and therefore has an attractive infrastructure. In the city, with about 300.000 inhabitants, extremes meet: city and nature are being united and this offers many opportunities. There are many shopping possibilities, but in contrast to that also many national parks and woods around the city, in which you can do sports.

    As you can see, Białystok is a very multi-faceted city that has much to offer alongside your studies. If you want to study medicine in Poland, the MU in Białystok is a great place for that! And who would not like to study in a palace?


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