Medical University Pleven

Advantages of Studying at the MU Pleven

The Medical University Pleven is subordinated to the national education laws and has its own management body. The accredited university offers a high-quality education in the fields of medicine and public health. The mission of the university consists of training specialists in the medical field, who are able to meet the current challenges posed by the medical sciences and to keep up the motto of the university – non sibi sed omnibus  (not for oneself, but for everyone). This way, the university teaches its students the value of helping others and promotes humanistic ideals.

The Medical University Pleven also feels committed to the promotion of cultural diversity, so its doors are open to students from all over the world. Over the years, a vast amount of students from more than 45 different countries have graduated at this university. Pleven was the first Bulgarian university to offer degrees with English as the language of instruction. The 6-year medical degree in English is structured for teaching in small groups, up to 6 students, which enables them to receive the best possible practical training in the framework of a higher education degree.

The optional subjects include disaster medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, emergency medicine (internships at hospitals), IT, medical statistics for dental implants and sport medicine supported by Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants from California. The students can also attend lectures and seminars in the New Telecommunication Endoscopic Training Center for Robotic Surgery at the Medical University Pleven.

The university also offers the students exchange programs such as ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI or IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Association). As a part of the conferences organized by the university every year, on October 9th 2011 an international conference of medical sciences for students and young doctors was held. The university is very close to the university clinic (where students have their practical clinical training), the student dorms, the university sports facilities and the city center. Pleven is the biggest economic, cultural, social and logistic center in north Bulgaria. The living costs are significantly lower than in the capital Sofia.

Pleven Medical University