Medical Universiry Bialystok

Reasons to Study at the UMB

There are many reasons to study at the UMB, here we have collected some of them for you, so you can decide if the university is the right one for you:

  • The university provides an excellent, high-quality, broad and holistic training in the field of medicine.
  • Due to numerous agreements with other universities, all over the world, the scientific exchange is being ensured, which is an especially vital part in research, so that the course contents can be imparted on the latest knowledge of medicine.
  • The Medical University, and especially the school of medical, enjoy a high prestige, not only nationwide, but also far beyond the frontier of Poland.
  • The degree of the MU Białystok is being recognized in many countries, so after your studies, you cannot only practice in Poland, but also in several other countries.
  • The living expenses in Poland are negligible and compared to other European countries relatively low.
  • The city of Białystok offers for its many students a good infrastructure, so that everything can be found locally.
  • The university is located directly in the city center of Białystok, so that everything is available in a short walking distance – otherwise there is also public transportation available.
  • Białystok offers the perfect mix of city and nature. About 32% of the city is occupied by parks and forests, which provide you optimal preconditions for sports activities or just for recreation.
  • If you are interested in culture alongside your studies, Białystok is, as the biggest cultural center in the northeast of Poland, is just the thing for you. There are many museums and galleries, an opera, a theater and many cultural events.

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