LUHS Values, Vision and Mission

The most important concern of the university is to gain new insights in education and science, collect them, systematize and spread them. The unviersity expects creativity, honest research and initiative from their students. They also expect them to develop a well-educated, independent, and entrepreneurial personality.  The university wants to pass on the understanding of democracy, welfare and a healthy, educated society, as well as promoting the cultural development of the state, its competitiveness and the economic activities. They want to contribute to free their society from discrimination on grounds of gender, race, political and religious affiliations, nationality and origin of their employees, students and lecturers.

Objectives of the University

  • One objective of the university is to offer a curriculum that gives their students a first-class university education, based on the newest scientific findings, so that the students can gain an understanding of teaching, their ethical responsibility and develop their creative and entrepreneurial personalities.
  • The students will learn how to extract scientific knowledge from the most different fields; they will learn to carry out scientific research and experiments (in social and cultural  fields). As future scientists, they will be able to establish a dialogue with national and international colleagues, and to work in different fields.
  • Students will learn how to significantly shape the regional development, as well as the national development, in cooperation with public and industrial partners by using scientific, educational, and artistic methods, as well as other cultural activities.
  • The university wants to open up new paths for the society in the fields of education, science, art and culture, in order to be able to use the scientific know-how effectively in a context of market competitiveness in state-of-the-art technology, manufacturing of products, and services.