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    „Get-to-Know“-Evening of MSE Applicants at the Orientation Week in Brno

    orientation week in brnoCurrently, some of our study advisers are in attendance at the orientation week in Brno at the Masaryk University, in order to accompany our applicants into the start of their studies. Thereby, the compulsory program of the university has been attended, but also an MSE organized welcome evening.

    It is always important to meet like-minded people. Especially, when you are abroad, it is very pleasant to get to know fellow students, who are in the same situation, directly. Therefore, MSE organizes a joint activity or a “get-to-know”-evening in every orientation week. This evening was well received by the students, who are now going to start their medical studies in Brno. In a relaxed atmosphere, everybody there was able to get to know the others.

    Of course MSE also made several information available to the students, namely on their study course, on the other events during the orientation week (e.g. enrollment, campus tour, barbecue, etc.). Afterwards, there were many snacks and drinks for our students.

    We wish all beginning students successful studies in Brno and furthermore we surely are available at all times for all kinds of questions concerning the studies.


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