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    Foundation Program at Masaryk University

    Foundation Program at Masaryk UniversityThe Masaryk University offers, for all future general medicine and dentistry students, a foundation program in advance to studying. The course is preparing the students for the admission exam at the Masaryk University and also for the first year of studies of general medicine/dentistry.

    The foundation program at Masaryk University includes the subject areas of the relevant subjects biology, chemistry and physics. The course has been specially designed for international students, who want to refresh their knowledge in advance to the start of the degree program. This is why also Czech classes are being offered during the foundation program, so that the students can learn the basics of the language.

    The foundation program at Masaryk University has a duration of six months. It begins in October 2016 and ends in March 2017, thus all in all 20 weeks. Each week includes 25 class hours. For the course you have to pay a fee in the amount of 180,000 CZK, which is about 7,220 USD. In order to register, you have to hand in your secondary school diploma in English. The course is taking place directly on the campus of the medical school in Brno. The classes are conducted by experienced academic staff of the medical school.

    Here you will get an overview of the class hours:

    Biology (100 hours)
    Lectures 2 hours / week
    Seminars 3 hours / week
    Chemistry (140 hours)
    Lectures 4 hours / week
    Seminars 3 hours / week
    Physics (140 hours)
    Lectures 4 hours / week
    Seminars 3 hours / week
    Czech (120 hours)
    Seminars 6 hours / week

    You can book the course at MSE from now on. If you are interested, you can get in touch with our study advisers.


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