Masaryk School of Medicine

The Masaryk school of medicine has existed ever since the foundation of the second Czech university in 1919. From the beginning, the education of physicians, doctors and specialists was the priority of the Masaryk school of medicine. In its more than 80 years of history, many internationally recognized experts have worked here.

Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk

Today, the Masaryk school of medicine is a dynamic teaching and research institution. The traineeship periods are offered at the hospitals St. Anne in Brno, University Clinic in Bohunice, Maternity Hospital in Obilni, Children Hospital Cerna and at the Traumatology Hospital. The Cancer Institute is also a part of the University. It was founded by President Masaryk in 1935 and it is a well recognized institution in the fields of cancer research and fight against cancer. The university clinics serve as the basis for health care provision in the region and live up to international standards.

A new Anatomy Institute was built in 2001 and equipped with the most modern facilities and devices, corresponding to the European standard. A new morphology center, as well as a new campus have also been built.

Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk 2

Research activities at the Masaryk school of medicine are carried out in long-term projects, which are possible thanks to the funding of diverse agencies. Priorities are focused on the molecular pathogenesis of widely spread diseases, cardiovascular diseases, tumours, and different neurological fields. In addition, the inversions in the area of biochemistry join learning with its economic application. Modern learning methods and innovative procedures in bioinformatics are supported by programs of the Czech Ministry of Education.

Regarding education, the Masaryk school of medicine supports the growth of links with other European institutions in the field of medicine. At the same time, a lot of value is given to maintaining the high educational level, as well as obtaining the skills to work at the hospital. The degree is offered in English and Czech. The increasing number of international students proves the good reputation of the Masaryk school of medicine. At this university you can also complete your PhD after your degree, as well as a broad spectrum of other specialized degrees.