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    Testimonial of Laura S., Student at the Medical University Varna


    Finally I can reply to you! Our semester is coming to an end and the exam period will start soon!

    I love being in Varna! The degree is really interesting and exciting, not only because it is medicine but also due to the great relationship between the students and the professors. However, I had some difficulties at the beginning, since I had to change my mentality to the “Bulgarian casualness” with regard to exam dates and unpunctuality, but we are working hand in hand with the university to solve this.

    Apart from that, everything is perfect. I live with two super nice girls in a shared apartment. Now we must be careful of not spending so much time at the beach: the weather is so wonderful that you can be easily distracted.

    If someone wants to get more information about the degree, you can pass them my contact information. This is my Bulgarian number: xxxxxxx (*** Contact information will be provided by your MSE student advisor****). You can also contact me through my e-mail.

    Personally, it was particularly useful to talk with other people, that is why I want to offer other new students the same possibility.


    Laura S.