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    Bernd H., Father of an applicant, about the Service of MSE

    Dear Mrs. Siepel,

    my daughter has matriculated in Vienna today, her desired place. Many thanks for your great effort. I can answer the question as follows:

    1) How was the guidance at MSE in your opinion?
    The advice by MSE was outstanding and target-aimed. The suggestions, accompanied by efforts, could be fulfilled.

    2) For which universities have you / your daughter applied?
    Kaunas and Kosice.

    3) Have you participated in a preparation course, organized by MSE? Was it helpful for the successful passing of the admission exams?
    My daughter participated in the pre-med course in Spain and it has helped her very much, in order to reach the desired goal.

    4) How did you experience the collaboration with MSE (help with the preparation of the application documents, accessibility by telephone, preparation for the admission exam, etc.)?
    The cooperation with MSE has exceeded my expectations about the support. It was very detailed and in each matter, right up to an accommodation in the respective country, a great help.

    5) Would you recommend MSE?Why/Why not?
    I can only recommend MSE. If you accept their experience and recommendations and add a little ambition, this can only lead to a success in order to reach the desired aim.

    Sincere regards,
    Bernd H.


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