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    5 Reasons Why You Should Study Medicine Abroad – Part 1


    There are many reasons, why you should study medicine abroad. Here are some of them:

    1. Unlike the USA, European universities do not demand an MCAT or pre-med studies, if you want to study medicine. When you apply for studying medicine abroad, most of the universities offer an admission exam, and where necessary an interview, with which you can be admitted.

    2. Erroneously, studying medicine abroad sometimes has a bad reputation. That is just wrong, because many European universities have outpaced the universities in other countries in the field of teaching and science.

    3. If you study medicine abroad, the focus lies especially on the practical training. At almost all universities it begins, in contrast to medical studies in other countries, already in the first few semesters of the study course and accompanies the students until the end of their study. It is certainly a great advantage to be introduced to the practice of a physician as soon as possible and to learn and work in practice continually.



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